Study: Bio products market in Romania up 30% this year

The sales of bio products on the local market went up 30% this year, a study of online store revealed.

Organic food products, cosmetics, ingredients, detergents and food supplements are the best sold products locally on this market.

“Although there are no official statistics yet, the value of the bio products market in Romania stands at approximately EUR 20 million. The growth potential in this area continues to be high,” Sergiu Moga, the manager of the store said.

The sales of bio products take up in between 2% and 3.5% of food products sales. Among non-food items, bio products do not exceed 2% of sales.

“Although we cannot compare ourselves with other countries in the EU, where the consumption of bio products reaches a significant percentage, it is to be noted that this phenomenon expanded in Romania as well. It manages to attract more consumers every year and increasingly higher quantities of bio products are exported, to the advantage of the producers in our country,” Moga explained.

The consumption of bio products increased locally backed by greater purchasing power, better availability of bio products in stores and in supermarket chains with dedicated areas for these type of products.

In the European Union, Germany has the largest market of ecological products, with yearly sales of EUR 9.5 billion. Denmark leads the charts as far as the percentage of bio products in the total food sales is concerned: 9.4% of all products sold in a year are bio ones.

(Photo: Plus Communication)

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