Steven van Groningen getting ready for marathon no. 16 – Bucharest Marathon, coming up next week

This is a story written by Steven van Groningen on his personal blog. Steven Van Groningen is the CEO of a bank in Romania. Read about him here.

The Bucharest Marathon, one week to go. There is nothing I can do anymore to go faster but a lot I can do to go slower. I have a special relationship with this marathon. In the first place, Bucharest is the city in which I ran my first marathon, in 1994. In the second place, Raiffeisen Bank, my employer, is the main sponsor. Most important, Valeria, my wife, is President of the Organizing Committee. (In case you see a conflict of interest here, yes, that is the case. No need to worry, it is properly managed).

Reasons enough to run a full marathon again. I have run 15 marathons, including the one I did as part of my Ironman triathlon a few years back in Austria. Still, I am not getting any younger and time to train and facilities remain a problem.

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