Romanian app notifies users about dangers nearby

Romanian developers have created an app that alerts users in real time about the dangers in their area.

The app, called Stay Safe, was launched worldwide in October, following a total investment of EUR 150,000. The project was founded by entrepreneur Mugur Frunzetti.

Five developers worked on the app for one year. The team has now expanded to over 30 specialists in programming, marketing and security research.

Stay Safe is available for iOS and Android devices. Once activated, the app monitors the area where the user is at that moment, and alerts him when something dangerous is happening nearby. The list of possible dangers includes natural disasters, car accidents or any other type of incident.

One of the app’s goals is to warn users within three minutes from the moment a dangerous event happens. The user receives an initial notification that will then be followed by periodic updates.

“As soon as there is a potential danger, our security team, working 24/7 and monitoring all areas of the globe, launches a notification to users. Then, at 1-3-minute intervals, we return with updates (if any), clarify and, in particular, update information on how to avoid every danger (where to stay, where to go, what safety measures to prepare, etc.),” said Mugur Frunzetti.

“In the first phase, we focus on Europe and North America (US and Canada), but then we’ll also target Australia, Asia and Africa,” Frunzetti also said.

Stay Safe users pay a monthly subscription of USD 9.99. According to the app founder, 30% of this amount goes to the Apple Store or Google Play, and the rest covers the team costs, monitoring tools, and development costs.

Irina Marica, [email protected]