Rowing boat festival celebrates Great Union with special “Romania Centenary Fleet”

The eighth edition of RowmaniaFEST – International Rowing Boat Festival will be organized in Tulcea this weekend and will celebrate the 1918 Great Union with the special “Romania Centenary Fleet” made up of six boats.

The six boats represent the historical regions that returned “home” in 1918, the Great Union Year, namely Bessarabia (March 1918), Bucovina (November 1918), Dobrogea (November 1918), Transylvania, Moldova, Muntenia (December 1, 1918). They will be launched during the RowmaniaFest in Tulcea, but will also travel to London for the Thames Festival on September 8 and to Bucharest (September 21-23).

The festival’s program also includes rowing competitions, movie screenings, and live music concerts. The full program is available here.

Irina Marica, [email protected]