Romanians, not superstitious, but believe in miracles

Most Romanians say they are not superstitious, but they read the horoscope and think that dreams can predict the future, according to a survey made by local survey company IRES for Halloween.

Romanians also say they don’t trust witches, but that they fear curses and demons.

About 76% of Romanians believe in miracles, 65% believe in the “evil eye” (deochi), 55% believe in curses and 52% believe that there are demons, while only 19% believe in ghosts. Almost 80% of Romanians think that angels exist and 95% believe in God’s existence.

Half of Romanians think that dreams can predict the future, 44% say they’ve had such premonitory dreams, and 8 in 10 of these say those dreams became real.

About one in five Romanians believes that witches can predict the future, but only 4% of those questioned in the survey say they have called on witches. However, 55% of those who went to witches say that what the witch told them became true.

More than 60% of Romanians read the horoscope even if only 29% of them think the horoscope to be an efficient way to anticipate events. More than 80% of Romanians say they are not superstitious.

Almost half of Romanians believe in Doomsday and almost two thirds think that there will be a Last Judgment.

More than 60% of Romanians know what Halloween is, but only 12% celebrate it.

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