Romanian writer Norman Manea receives Nelly Sachs literature award in Germany

Reputed Romanian writer Norman Manea has recently received the Nelly Sachs literary award in Germany, given by a jury made of literary critics from Die Zeit, Suddeutsche Zeitung, Der Spiegel, Frankfurter Rundschau and Deutsche Akademie Fur Sprache und Dichtung publications.

75-year old Manea, the most translated Romanian author, has also recently become honorary member of the Royal Society of Literature in UK, which made him the first Romanian to receive this distinction.

Despite having lived outside Romania since 1986, Romanian writer Norman Manea has never ceased to write in Romanian. In fact, he published all his books in Romanian. Read more about him in our Famous Romanians article here.

Jewish Nelly Sachs was a poet who received the Nobel prize in 1966. The literary award named after her has been given once every two years since 1961. Elias Canetti, Nadine Gordimer, Giorgio Bassani, Erich Fromm, Milan Kundera, Juan Goytisolo, Javier Marias, Christa Wolf and Margaret Atwood have also received this award. The Nelly Sachs Prize is given by the German city of Dortmund and it also includes a cash award of EUR 15,000.

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