Romanian traditional food products get closer to receiving EU certification

Romanian traditional food products are on their way to being recognized in the European Union. 16 such food products have been registered by the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and are under an advanced stage for receiving the European certification. In total, 2,653 files have been filed by Romanian food producers to EU certification. It takes almost two years to receive the certification.

Among the 16 products are the Plescoi sausages and the fumed trout. The European certification of Romanian traditional food products will help the export process for these products.

The certification not only eases the export process, but also entitles them to be the only one to use that product name. There are many producers in Romania which are using the same name for their food products, although quality differs, according to ministry representatives.

A single Romanian food product has already received the European certification – the natural plum marmelade from Topoloveni (the Romanian traditional term is “magiun”).