Romanian song of the week: ‘This time’ by Cuantune

Romanian Nu Jazz band Cuantune has released a new song that easily made it into our Romanian song section. Their new tune, called ‘This time’, has a new video as well (listen to the song and watch the video below).

You could mistake Cuantune for an international band, their sound is really good and most of this new song is in English – except a short part with Romanian lyrics. In the video you will recognize plenty of images from Bucharest at night.

This new discovery too is on heavy rotation in our newsroom and Cuantune is definitely a band we will listen to in the future.

Cuantune is made of Elizabeth (Elisabeta Campau)– Vocals, Mario F. Cruxfader – Vocals, Producer, Dj and Sound engineer, Aron Andreas – Bass Guitar, Double bass, Dragos Anghel – Electric Guitar and Alexandru Olteanu – Piano. Cruxfader and Elizabeth got together in 2010 and created the band, then the others joined.

Elizabeth was influenced in her musical path by her family even since early childhood, her father being an accordion player and her grandfather a virtuoso on saxophone. After taking her first piano lessons at the age of 7, Elizabeth began studying intensively classical canto, but she devoted herself to jazz.

Cruxfader started to write lyrics and compose his first tracks when he was 13, fascinated by the hip-hop beats. He became a self-taught musician, featuring with artists from the hip-hop and soul underground scene, both in Romania and Ireland, where he lived for five years.

We wrote about them in the past here.

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