Romanian song: Nu plange, Ana! by ADDA – reinterpretation of folk ballad

We’ve been listening to this song for a while – it’s been all over the Romanian radios and music TV stations. Our test for choosing to feature a Romanian song is usually to listen it for several times, to see if the effect wears off. We still like this one, so here it is.

It’s called Nu plange Ana – Don’t cry Ana. We’re not the only ones who likes this song – it already has 9.3 million views on YouTube.

It’s a beautiful ballad, slightly sad at times but with a pinch of optimism. The song is in fact a reinterpretation of a folk ballad Ana (Zorile se varsa).

The new song does include some lyrics from the original song, but most of the lyrics are new, however following on the same line – the original folk ballad centers on a dialogue between a wife and her husband’s lover. Listen to both the new song, and the original ballad below (by Ion Bocsa, as well as an interpretation by Tibi Scobiola).

ADDA –  her real name is Ada Alexandra Moldovan- performs the new song, and has also written its lyrics.

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