Romanian PM about German MEP who proposed fingerprinting Romanian immigrants: Irresponsible and Nazi – minded

Recent statements by German member of the European Parliament Elmar Brok (in picture), who proposed fingerprinting Romanian immigrants, triggered local and international reactions.

Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta, the president of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) said Brok is a demagogue politician, irresponsible, populist, and Nazi – minded, similarly to that of Romanian member of the EP Monica Macovei.

“On this occasion, we all found out what they think about Romanians – that we need to be fingerprinted, and possibly all held behind electric fences. These are friends of Macovei’s,” said the Romanian PM, quoted in local media. Ponta also spoke against the Romanian president Traian Basescu in this context, saying he should have had a more firm position after Brok’s statements about fingerprinting immigrants.

Social democrat members of the European Parliament have already called for Brok’s resignation, after he proposed fingerprinting all Eastern European immigrants who come to Germany, just before sending them back home, to prevent them from returning.

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