Romanian museums open after dark for the Saturday European museums night

A new yearly round of midnight museum visits is up this weekend, when we’re celebrating the European Museum Holiday. You will be able to visit several museums in Bucharest and in other Romanian cities during the night between Saturday and Sunday – May 15 to May 16. Apart from the museum visits, the celebration includes music and dance shows, film and theater and special interactive events. Some of the museums have special events before or after the museum open night.

See below the list of events at the Bucharest museums:

National Art Museum

49-53 Calea Victoriei; free access in the European Art Gallery and the National Gallery

Saturday, May 15, Sunday, May 16, 11,00 – 19,00 – ‘Goya’s caprices’ – paid entry

Saturday, May 15, 21,30 – 22,30 – Statues show, with Masca theater actors

Museums night – 16,00 to 04,00 hours

The National Museum of Contemporary Arts

2-4 Izvor St., Parliament Palace E4 wing

Museums nights – 21,00 to 03,00 hours

Saturday, May 15, 23,00 – 05,00 Party with Alex Jijian, Heathen Audio, Super Giuser, Cos Mir

National Geology Museum

2nd Soseaua Kisellef

Museums night– 19,00 to 01,00 hours

Friday, May 14, Horezu ceramics exhibition, crystal & jewelry fair

Saturday, May 15, 21,00 – Romanian music: Alina Sorescu, Andreea from Amadeus, Senti

National George Enescu Museum

141 Calea Victoriei

Museums night 20,00 – 05,00 hours

National History Museum

12 Calea Victoriei

Museums night 18,00 – 03,00 hours; dance, Syrian folklore program, theater plays

The Romanian Literature National Museum

12 Dacia Blvd.

Museums night 10,00 – 03,00 hours; music and poetry events, Jazz show and medieval music

Saturday, May 15, midnight- meeting with director and actors of the film ‘Eu cand vreau sa fluier, fluier’ (If I want to whistle, I whistle), followed by movie screening.

King Ferdinand National Defense Museum

125-127 Mircea Vulcanescu

Museums night 20,00 – 01,00 hours

Village Museum Dimitrie Gusti

28 Soseaua Kiseleff

Museums morning 09,00 – 14,00 hours; Pottery fair

The Romanian Peasant’s Museum

3 Soseaua Kiseleff

Museums night 18,00 – 02,00 hours

Mexico traditions, China folkloric paintings

Bucharest Municipality Museum

2 IC Bratianu Blvd.

Museums night 14,00 – 04,00 hours; Pre-Colombian civilizations

Sunday, May 16, 09,30 – 11,00 – old vehicles between 1912 – 1942 – in the museum’s yard