Romanian army plans to hire 2,800 voluntary reserve troops

Romania’s Defense Ministry is looking to hire 2,800 voluntary reserve troops this year, after a draft document outlining the statute of such troops has gone under public debate.

The army is looking for volunteers to serve as soldiers, non-commissioned officers (NCOs), and military foremen. They will be recruited based on psychological, medical and physical tests. The recruited volunteers will train three months a year, then placed in reserve and paid throughout this time by the army. In case of a conflict, the army would be able to rely on them quickly.

The Defense Ministry published the recruitment announcement on its Facebook page as well, under the slogan We want you! (Țară, țară, vrem ostași!).

The hiring conditions and a contract model for the volunteer reserve staff are included in a draft law published March 13 on the Statute of Voluntary Reserve Staff, available in Romanian here.

The document also outlines the physical tests volunteers need to take. For instance, in the age group of up to 31 years old, men need perform 12 push ups and 18 abs, and run 2,000 meters in 12 minutes. Women in the same age group need to perform 6 push ups and 14 abs, and run 2,000 meters in 14 minutes. In order to set candidates apart, extra points are added to additional repetitions in the ab and push up tests and for shorter times in the running tests.

Compulsory military service was eliminated in Romania in 2007.

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