Romania wine map available in English, the only bilingual online database of wine cellars in Romania, has launched a new project: Romania Wine Map, which will be available in both Romanian and English.

The map is aimed at identifying distinct areas in Romania, as well as helping tourists find the wine cellar they want to visit. It contains an updated list of local vineyards and wine cellars. It does not necessarily work as a tourist guide, but rather has an educational purpose, being an instrument by which wine lovers can discover wine cellars and wine-growing areas from Romania.

The new map is focused on wine cellars known to be involved in wine tourism. Over 70 of the wine cellars present on the map open their doors to tourists, and 14 of them offer accommodation. However, the map, which also includes a small guide of the local varieties of vines representative for Romania, will be updated constantly.

“We are launching a new wine map because we want to promote Romania as a wine destination and support the local wine cellars. We have a huge potential to be exploited and we contribute significantly to the development of wine tourism through our and projects, as well as through the wine cellar tours and the events we organize,” said Alina Iancu, project manager.

At first, the new wine map will be printed in 1,500 copies, available in both Romanian and English. Those interested will be able to purchase it online or from wine cellars, wine bars or specialized stores as of August 25. The exact locations will be announced on and The recommended price is RON 14 (some EUR 3).

Irina Marica, [email protected]