Romania: 14 places to discover in 2014

This year we’ve traveled all across Romania to discover new and old places, shine new light on tourist spots, and highlight the less beaten paths. If you missed some of them, here’s our list of favorites, which you could use when planning your whereabouts for 2014. Keep an eye on this site for more discoveries next year.

Romania’s last virgin beaches at the Black Sea, the amazing Vadu and Corbu

The adventure of crossing one of Romania’s most amazing gorges, the Rametului Gorges

Re-discovering Alba Iulia, the Romanian city where history comes to life

Horezu – pottery, magic and more

A hidden gem- the Nicolae Balcescu Manor

Early autumn delights from Oltenia’s vineyards

On the peaks of Ceahlau, the gem of Romania’s Moldavia region

A trip to the home of Romanian master Constantin Brancusi

The hidden Egyptian Lotus pink and green faeries in the middle of Bucharest

Nature and tranquility near Bucharest, at Cernica and Caldarusani monasteries

The Village Museum in Bucharest, an antidote to the modern world

The unique Bigăr waterfall

Hotspot Romania. 110 km on bicycles

Pecica, the Romanian town known as Romanian dictator’s bakery turns to tourism


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