American–Romanian duo wants to launch “Uber” for parcels in Romania

An American company which runs one of the most powerful digital platforms for courier services in an Uber-like approach considers entering the Romanian market in 2018.

Point Pick-up (PPUP) was created by Tom Fiorita and Romanian-origin entrepreneur Radu Florescu, the CEO of Centrade Cheil communication consultancy firm. Fiorita expects a breakeven in 12 to 18 months.

“We are convinced the retail market needs for same-day delivery will continue to grow, but at a moderate pace compared to the US or other European markets,” he said.

Fiorita was previously sales and logistics regional manager for Pepsi Cola, and an investment fund manager.

Florescu’s Centrade Cheil developed PPUP’s delivery app. The service offers same-day delivery of parcels via drivers who use their personal cars.

Uber is a ride sharing app. In Romania, Uber users, as well as taxi clients, sometimes ask drivers to pick up and deliver parcels.

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(photo source: point pickup on Facebook)