Former French ambassador to Bucharest authors novel set in Romania

Pierre Ménat, who served as the French ambassador to the country between 1997 and 2002, has written a novel set in post-communist Romania.

The novel, released at the end of last year, is titled Attendre encore. It was published by Editions du Panthéon.

Several interwoven intrigues develop in the book, which follows a young Romanian journalist and a Luxembourg diplomat.

In an interview with, the former ambassador confessed that Romania had always seemed a source of literary and artistic inspiration to him. Even before coming to the country, he discovered authors like Eugene Ionesco or historical figures like the late King Michael I. The Romanians offer “beautiful examples of romantic characters,” Ménat explained.

In the same interview, he also touched on the transformation of the country since the time he was an ambassador to the present day.

Ménat will present his book in Bucharest on March 23 at the Kyralina bookstore, the bookstore announced in a Facebook post. Kyralina is the only French bookstore in the capital.

Throughout his career, Ménat also served as an ambassador to Poland, Tunisia and The Netherlands. In addition to consulting, he teaches at the Toulouse-Capitole University.

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