New procedure for appointing Romanian Competition Council head

Only the Parliament will be able to make proposals for the management positions in Romania’s Competition Council, according to a bill signed by 112 MPs from the Social Democratic Party (PSD), reports local

The draft law would radically alter the current appointment procedure. A Consultative College, made up of representatives of the business environment, universities, consumer protection organizations and other NGOs, currently makes proposals for the Competition Council. According to the new bill, the Parliament will replace this Consultative College in coming up with proposals.

The Government, which had to give its approval, is also removed from the procedure. The president, however, remains the one who makes the appointments.

Moreover, people who’ve had a management position in the Competition Council can’t get a job in the private sector for three years after ending their term in the council, according to the new bill. On the other side, the employees of the Competition Council can’t be searched, detained or arrested unless the President of the Council agrees, according to the draft law.

The bill could also lead to the removal of the current president of the Competition Council, Bogdan Chiritoiu. It provides that the president should be a person who has had a management position for at least 15 years. Chiritoiu hasn’t stayed in a single management position for minimum 15 years, so he wouldn’t correspond to this criterium.

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