Swedish group Medicover ups revenues in Romania by 20%

Swedish group Medicover, one of the biggest private healthcare services providers in Romania, increased its local business by 20% in 2017, to EUR 73.8 million, according to the group’s annual report.

The acquisition of a local medical network in Constanta and the country’s overall economic growth, which has also determined more companies to offer medical benefits to their employees, have contributed to the company’s evolution last year, according to Medicover Romania general manager Adrian Peake.

Romania is the group’s third-biggest market, after Germany and Poland, with a share of 12.7% of the total revenues. The group’s revenues went up by 16.7% versus 2016, to EUR 580 million.

Medicover has two divisions, namely healthcare services under the Medicover brand and diagnostic services (test labs) under the Synevo brand. Both brands are present in Romania, where Medicover owns 25 clinics and a general hospital and Synevo has 16 labs and 75 collection centers.

Medicover’s main local competitors are MedLife and Regina Maria.

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