McDonald’s adds popular Romanian dishes to menu in May: McMici and McPorc

McDonald’s Romania goes native on May 1, when it will include a dish enjoyed by many Romanians. The fast food chain will introduce the famous ‘mici’ in its menu (minced meat), in the form of a sandwich with the mici minced meat mix and mustard, which will be sold under the name McMici. It may sound like a joke, but it is not.

The new product is part of the ‘Romanian week’ campaign started by McDonald’s Romania,and will be accompanied by a sandwich with pork meat and horseradish, sold under the name McPorc. The McMici will cost RON 4.5, and the DoubleMici, RON 7.9,while the McPorc, RON 9.9. The third Romanian product, which will also be available throughout the month of May, is cabbage and horseradish salad.

On May 1, Romanians usually go barbecuing and mici is one of the traditional barbecue products.

McDonald’s runs 64 restaurants in Romania and half of them are drive through units.

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(photo source:McDonald’s )