Local food and non-alcoholic beverages, among cheapest in the EU

Food and non-alcoholic beverage prices in Romania are 34 percent below the average in the European Union, which puts the country among the cheapest places to buy these products, according to Eurostat.

Bread and cereals were priced 39 percent below the EU average in Romania last year. The same products were even cheaper in Bulgaria and Poland, but most more expensive in Denmark – 46 percent above the Eu average.

Meat prices placed Romania second to last, staying 42 percent below the average in the EU. Denmark was again the cheapest country to buy meat – 31 percent above the EU average.

Dairy and egg prices were however closer to the EU average, with a variation of only 7 percent for Romania. Cyprus and Ireland displayed the highest prices in the EU for these products.

Overall, Denmark had the highest prices for food and non-alcoholic beverages products in the EU last year, while Poland, the lowest.


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