Largest Romanian online retailer starts selling cosmetics ahead of seasonal rush on gifts for women

cosmetice la emag

Romania’s largest online retailer has added yet another type of products to its range, expanding onto the cosmetics market, just in time for the expected St Valentine’s Day and March 1 and 8 purchases. With gifts for women the highlights of the season in February – March, culminating with Women’s Day on March 8, has timed its new product line addition so as to benefit from the seasonal boost. started as an IT&C retailer, but in time added books, toys, do-it-yourself products, insurance and even tourism packages. The 1,500 cosmetic products are the latest addition to the pack, and include the brands Tigi, Kerastasse, OPI, Bruno Vassari and Mario Badescu.

The group is controlled by South Africa based internet giant Naspers, which took over the controlling stake in October 2012, for a reported USD 80 million.

Emag, launched 12 years ago, posted a turnover of EUR 145 million in 2011, making it the largest online retailer in Romania.

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