How long does it take to set up air conditioning in Bucharest in the summer months

The setting up of air conditioning equipment in Bucharest in the summer can take up to 15 days in the months of June and July, at times when peak temperatures are recorded, according to electronics & IT service company Depanero.

The average set up time varies from 1 – 2 days during the rest of the year to an average of 7.5 days during June and July, because of the high number of requests placed in the season, the company said. Depanero expects to perform some 4,900 set ups in June, 4,000 in July, and 2,000 in August.

The company thus estimates it will perform over 11,000 set ups of air conditioning equipment this summer, five times more compared to the April – May period. The total sales of air conditioning equipment between April and September 2017 will reach 95,000, up from 80,000 in 2016, the company said. Over 90% of the annual sales of air conditioning equipment take place between June and September.

“Although the spring season is recommended by specialists for the set up of air conditioning, most Romanians buy the equipment in the summer months, when the temperatures are very high. Because of this, the team of technicians cannot cope with all the requests, and the waiting period for the set up of the equipment increases,” Adrian Antohi, general manager of Depanero explained.

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(Photo source: Wikipedia)