Romania’s Govt. invests EUR 92 mln in modernizing two stadiums

Romania’s Government approved EUR 92 million investments in modernizing two stadiums in Bucharest that are part of the Euro 2020 project.

The Steaua stadium will undergo a EUR 65 million revamping process. It will have a capacity of 30,500 seats, four locker rooms, 24 rooms for accommodating players, a museum, retail spaces and a pitch-view restaurant, local Mediafax reported. The project should be finalized in 25 months since signing the contract.

The other stadium that will be modernized is the national rugby stadium near the Arch of Triumph. This stadium will have 8,100 seats and its amenities will also be revamped. The costs amount to some EUR 27 million.

The two stadiums, alongside the Dinamo and Rapid, are stadium of national importance. They will be used as training facilities by the teams that will play at the European Football Championship in 2020. Bucharest’s National Arena will host four matches at that tournament.

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