Young researchers launch first historical consulting center in Romania

A team of young doctors and researchers in the field of history and political science will launch the first historical consultancy firm in Romania. The Historical Consulting Center will have its inauguration at the Gallery cafe in Bucharest on Thursday, October 19.

The center’s services are addressed to those who wish to document their personal or family past, institutions interested in reconstructing the history of a locality, as well as companies or television, radio stations and print media that have programs dedicated to history. The Historical Consulting Center will also provide specialized assistance to law firms, whenever they have cases requiring historical research and advice, and film studios when they want to document the projects they are working on.

Also, those who want to arrange museums dedicated to communism or other themes or topics, or who are interested in knowing how similar museums from other countries work, can also find some help at the new center.

“The first historical consulting centers in the Western states were set up in response to the need of communities, companies and institutions to know their history. The discovery of the origins and of the past would not have been possible without the help of historians who were involved in documenting and writing these stories with their own research methods,” said Dumitru Lacatusu, researcher at the Historical Consulting Center

“In Romania, this area is at the beginning. The lack of historical consultants has been noticed in the way the cases of former political prisoners who have claimed their rights in court were solved, as well as those of all the people who have been unlawfully deprived of their rights and property by the communist regime, and during the trials of communist ‘torturers’.”

More information about the new Historical Consulting Center in Romania can be found here.

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Irina Marica, [email protected]

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