First experiment museum in Romania to open next year

The House of Experiments (Casa Experimentelor), the first experiment museum in Romania, will open in January 2016, in the capital Bucharest.

The museum will allow children to watch various scientific experiments live and to interact with some of them. The concept tries to use the children’s natural tendency to play rather than read to engage them in studying science.

The science center will run as a non-profit project. Local NGO Asociatia pentru Formare and Swiss Science Center Technorama manage the project. The initial investment is CHF 300,000, almost 80% of which (CHF 236,000) came from Swiss non-refundable funds, via the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Programme.

All the revenues generated by this project will be reinvested in further developing the center.

Although the museum will start operating in January 2016, its website will be up next week. The website’s visitors will be able to book their access to the center once it opens. The project’s coordinator aim to attract almost 60,000 visitors in the first year (30,000 students, 1,000 teachers and 9,000 families).

The access to the museum will be free, but visitors must book in advance on the website.

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