Easter in Romania: Holy Light to be brought from Jerusalem by plane this Saturday

Similar to previous years, a delegation of the Romanian Patriarchy will bring the Holy Light from Jerusalem to Romania this Saturday, by plane.

The Romanian Patriarchy has rented an aircraft especially for this occasion.

The Holy Light will arrive at the Henri Coanda Airport near Bucharest on Saturday evening, around 18:30. Representatives of other big churches across the country will also come to the airport to take the Holy Light, which they will then give to other priests in the country.

Brining the Holy Light from Jerusalem to Romania in the Great Saturday, the day before Easter, is part of an important tradition in Romania. Romanians usually go to church on Saturday evening to attend the midnight religious ceremony marking the Resurrection of Christ, and to light their candles from the Holy Light. Then, they take the lighted candles home, to bring the Holy Light into their homes and lives.

Romanians will celebrate Easter on April 16 this year.

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Irina Popescu, [email protected]

(Photo source: Basilica.ro)