Authorities warn: More snow than in 1954 – Romania’s worst winter on record

The snow storms and blizzards in Romania could be heavier than in 1954, when the country faced its worst winter on record, said the Interior Minister Traian Igas. The Government increased the Minister’s budget by EUR 0.25 million to cover the extra fuel and costs for the Ministry’s vehicles and equipment when tackling the Arctic conditions.

The 1954 snowfall was the heaviest recorded in the country. It started snowing at the beginning of February that year and in 24 hours, Bucharest saw 115 liters of snow per sqm. The weather was bad all throughout February. The thickest layers of snow were 173 cm, in Calarasi county, in South Eastern Romania. However, snow drifted to between 2 and 5 meters in some areas of the country. The army removed the snow back then, but the general public pitched in to clear snow off tram tracks in Bucharest- as seen in these pictures.

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(photo source: The national Military Museum)



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