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Doing business in Romania made easier: 

  • Understand each Romanian market segment in depth by using sector analysis provided by our trusted partners

  • Check your market position, your competition

  • Verify your potential business partners, suppliers, clients by using credit reports from trained financial analysts   


Market sector studies 

A market sector study is a quantitative assessment of a specific sector based on the analysis of the financial data of thousands of companies

The reader will have a top-down understanding of the dynamic of the sector thanks to numerous ratio and their analysis within the last 3 years (2016, 2017 and 2018), including risk rating, sales, profit, profit margin, DSO / Days Sales Outstanding, assets, debts, number of employees, sales per employee. 

The data are analysed at the level of the country and the main area of Romania. The study provides an understanding of the industry at the level of the country, the main geographic area and the information is split by company size (large, medium, small and micro companies)

The reader will have a bottom down approach thanks to the selection of the best and worst performers (by sales, profit, sales per employee, risk rating,...) and the dynamic of each company thanks to a 3-year approach to measure the variation.

The user can access the data within the excel at the level of each company. 

The following sector reports are already available for you:

1. Accounting companies & tax consultants - NACE code 6920; 1,000 companies in the study, minimum turnover in 2018 - EUR 53,000

2. Agriculture - NACE codes 01, 02, 03, 10, 202, 462 - Crop and animal production, hunting and related service activities, Forestry and logging, Fishing and aquaculture, Manufacture of pesticides and other agrochemical products, Manufacture of food products , Wholesale of agricultural raw materials and live animals; 10,700 companies covered in the report, minimum 2018 tunrover EUR 100,000

3. Construction companies - NACE codes 41, 42, 43 - Construction of Buildings, Civil engineering, Specialised construction activities; 5,700 companies with EUR 425,000 minimum turnover in 2018. 

4. IT companies - NACE codes 62, 63 - Computer programming, consultancy and related activities , Information service activities, Data processing, hosting and related activities; web portals; 1,200 companies, minimum EUR 500,000 turnover in 2018.

5. Transport companies - NACE code 4941 - Freight by road; 5,900 companies with minimum EUR 250,000 turnover in 2018 

6. Top 10,000 companies -  All sectors except for banks, insurance and credit companies; 10,000 companies with minimum turnover EUR 3.4 million in 2018. 


What does such a report include? 

  • quantitative study in powerpoint presentation 
  • excel files with all companies and their financial data for the NACE code chosen 

Who should order a study:

  • Investors
  • Sales and marketing managers
  • Purchase managers
  • CEO/Board Members

Romania market research Here’s how a sector report would look like and what's inside: 

  • overview of companies, including their total number, grouped by size of turnover; number of employees in the sector and sales per employee; active vs. inactive; risk level overview; geographical analysis and shareholders' nationality; profitability  
  • key industry figures - turnover, net profit, net margin, number of employees, sales per employee covering the last three years; receivables, inventory; assets, debts ratio, structure of assets financing.   
  • industry analysis and classification of companies - by geographical criteria and by size, including with sales trends per region;
  • Top 20 and bottom 20 companies by turnover in the latest financial year  
  • commercial credit risk - classification of companies by risk level, risk matrix mitigation, top and bottom performers --> which companies have to be monitored as they have a fluctuant payment behaviour 
  • recommendations/conclusions 
  • annexes with: scoring formulas, scoring level definitions, definitions and list of all companies in an excel file 


Check a market study sample here


How does it work? 

Click the order link below and choose your desired sector report(s) from the list below, then add your company data. Once we receive this form order, we will issue and send your invoice, also payable by card. 

Once payment is confirmed, you will receive your market report(s) via email within 5 working days, after your payment is processed and confirmed. 


If you did not find a sector study for your need, please click below and describe your interest (industry or activity code and  minimum turnover) and we will send over an offer. Most on - demand studies are ready within 10 working days from order and payment confirmation. 



Company credit reports  

Prior to open a  business relationship with a new client or supplier, companies should order a Company report done by a financial analyst.

With a report, the company will be informed about the financial situation of its new business partner, its credit risk rating, the name of its shareholders and administrators.

The report is done by a financial analyst that will check the financial figures and all elements (litigation, real securities, unpaid invoices,…) to provide an opinion that is summarized within a risk rating and a credit limit.

Reports are done by Creditreform analysts. Credit reform is the oldest European credit rating agency with over 130 years of experience.

Who should order a Company credit report:

  • CEO/General Manager
  • CFO
  • Credit Manager
  • Collections Manager
  • Sales Managers


How to order?

Click here and provide the name and the CUI number of the company you want the report for, as well as your company's invoicing data to send you the invoice. The CUI number is the unique identification code number that all Romanian companies have.

The report will be delivered by email within 24 hours after payment is received and the order is confirmed, during working days. For orders and payments over the weekend or during bank holidays in Romania, we will confirm the order during the following working day. 

What do credit reports include? 

Click here for Romania company credit report sample 1

Click here for Romania company credit report sample 2



Who are our providers of these reports? aims to provide the best information and has partnered with independent providers to deliver the market studies and the company credit report.

The company Operandi is in charge to do the selection, the monitoring of the suppliers to ensure an excellent and long term quality. 

If you have any questions about these products, please email us at [email protected]



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