What is Steady and what is the relationship with Romania Insider?

Steady is a start-up headquartered in Germany which helps publishers to create and manage communities. More precisely, they are our partner for managing your Romania Insider membership, including payment, invoicing, tax & legal matters concerning memberships and the technical integration of the community. Over 600+ independent publishers like ourselves use Steady to create & sustain member-funded media projects and they have years of experience in managing all the intricacies of this business. In order to access your membership plans on Romania Insider, you need to create an account with Steady. It is fully integrated to our website - you can log in directly from Romania-Insider.com from this page or from every exclusive article that appears locked for non-members.
When you purchase a membership package on Romania-Insider.com, you are directed to the Steady system for payment and setting up your account, after which you are redirected to Romania-Insider.com to continue reading. To receive your invoice for your purchase, head to Steady - https://steadyhq.com/en and log in. You should find your invoice and membership details, including payment method - which you can change- in the Membership area here.  

For any questions regarding payments, membership management, invoicing and other membership-related support, feel free to reach out to support@steadyhq.com. You may also receive some operational emails from Steady concerning your Romania Insider membership (example - confirmation, renewal, reminders, etc.).

How can I just read your site without seeing any banner advertising?

You can read Romania-Insider.com  banner - free starting with the FAN membership package. After having logged in on your Steady Account (directly from Romania-Insider.com here), you will be able to continue on our site without seeing banner ads or video ads. Text advertorials will still be visible in all membership tiers, as it is technically not possible to remove them.

Where is the travel guide e-book included in the Romania Insider Ultra membership tier? 

You will receive the e-book via e-mail upon choosing the Supporter or Ultra packages. 

How do I receive the premium newsletters included in my plan? 

Upon signing up for a membership plan, you are automatically included in the distribution list for the premium newsletters you should receive. 

What do these premium newsletters include?

For our Supporter and Ultra members, we are offering our premium daily and/or weekly press review newsletters, without any advertising and without any links to click to read the news, as well as the Politics monthly and Mergers & Acquisitions monthly newsletters  (no ads), exclusively. 

We will continue to offer our free Romania Insider daily newsletter with the most essential news, to anybody that signs up for it. The same goes for our HR newsletterReal Estate newsletter ((bi-monthly), our Life & Travel monthly newsletter and our weekly Positive News Romania & Events & Places newsletters, which are supported by advertising. 

Who to contact if I have trouble with my membership or any technical difficulty accessing your site? 

For any questions regarding payments, membership management, invoicing and other membership-related support, feel free to reach out to support@steadyhq.com.  Kindly keep us in the loop by adding the email community@romania-insider.com to your communication. Together with Steady and our technical agency, we will do our best to offer support. 

How do I cancel my membership plan with Romania-Insider.com? 

You can cancel your plan directly with Steady by logging in with the credentials you chose upon signing up, on this page.

How often do you print Romania Travel & Expat guides and the accompanying e-books? 

Our yearly travel guide (formerly known as City Compass Expat and Travel guide) has been published yearly in autumn for the following year since 2008.

More info about the guide on this page. 

Are your live events still going ahead in light of COVID-19? 

During the Coronnvirus epidemic, we turned our physical events into digital ones, using exclusive streams, lives, and webinars to make sure you’re still getting a chance to learn and interact in the safest possible way. 

We’re monitoring the situation closely and will continue to hold our events digitally until it is safe to do otherwise!

We will continue to hold online events even after the pandemic situation and restrictions are over. Members of our ULTRA plan will be able to join or watch our webinars for free. 

How do I get access to the members-only, private Facebook community? 

After becoming a member, you will receive an email including the link to this Facebook Group, which you’d need to join. Our team will then approve your access to the group. 

What information will be broadcasted in this Facebook group? 

In the beginning, we will carry out polls in order to find out what most members would need more from Romania-Insider.com. We consider new webinars, learning events, exchanging ideas with our community.  We do expect discussions with a mindset of helping each other. spacing

Romania Insider will curate a series of interesting events, exhibitions, articles and job opportunities that will be shared in our private  Facebook Group.

Will there be a WhatsApp Broadcast list for community members?

In the beginning, we will not do this, but if many members wish to get exclusive news via WhatsApp, we are open to this. 

Will I receive any special offers from brands or partners of Romania-Insider.com, dedicated only to members?  

We are considering setting up a club-like system, allowing selected companies to offer special deals for our members. We will include this in or polls for community members when asking them about what they are most interested in.

Can I connect my app on Android or iOS to my membership?

The membership packages purchased via Steady are only valid for desktop and mobile website use - in your browser. If you’d rather read Romania Insider in our dedicated iOS and Android apps, we provide dedicated app subscriptions directly in the app markets, which cannot be unlocked with the Romania Insider website logins. You can download the apps for free and then choose either a monthly or a yearly subscription from within the app. For the iOS app, go to his page, and for the Android app, go here.