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Since 2010, we have been providing reliable information from Romania through selected, clean, clear & easy to understand content and editorial independence.

We help readers from all over the world stay at the beating heart of life in Romania.

We advise advertising and editorial service customers on the best exposure for their brands, and on the best value packages for their teams.

Brief history was founded in 2010 by business journalist Corina Chirileasa (Saceanu), as a solo project.

Volker Moser, co-founder of City Compass Group, joined the project in late-2010. Despite a challenging business environment, the two managed to expand the venture, increase the team and continue to stay a truly independent media outlet.

In 2014, became part of City Compass Media, and welcomed Andrei Chirileasa as a third partner.


A strong team of experienced business journalists create the content enjoyed by foreigners, expats and Romanians from all over the world. The editorial team has real independence, which helps us create high quality content. Email [email protected] to send us press releases, event invitations or interview ideas. Or get in touch with specific members of our editorial team.

A commercial team with experience in online & print media advises clients on the best exposure for their brands & campaigns, all year-round. Get in touch with them to advertise on this website or in our other online & print platforms.

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Danielle Nobs

I very much enjoy reading your daily newsletter and especially the reports by Ms. Schaumburg-Lippe and others. Among the recent articles which I have particularly enjoyed are the ones about the “covrigi” or the “stampile”.

Kevin, California

Greetings from California! I just wanted to take a moment to say what a wonderful job you all do at Romania Insider and thank you for the up to date news, events, music, the guest stories are great !! I am not Romanian, but I have friends who are, and living in Bucharest, even though I talk almost every day to one or more, is hard sometimes to fully grasp what their world is like, from bits and pieces they say. You help me to understand my friends there more, you help me to converse with them on topics that they are so surprised I know anything about, which is so cool ! I love my friends in Romania, through them and You, I’ve come to love Romania the country too. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunate really, many here in the U.S. doesn’t even know Romania exists, to ask someone on the street where Romania is, you will get some wild answers, most though seem to think Romania is an ancient country that no longer exists. Doesn’t say much for the U.S. education system does it : ) Basically I meant to say just one thing… Thank You for being here, I appreciate it much. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Cheers!!

Newsletter reader

Your daily newsletter is well written, useful in that it’s concise and informative, and offers unique, often surprising insights not readily available elsewhere.

Newsletter reader

I can follow TV and press news in Romanian but am grateful for the “easy-read” in English. Your choice of subjects is usually interesting and the coverage of them adequate to keep up with what’s happening in Romania.

Oliver Perkins, Managing Director, Brainovate

Just a quick note to say how much I value your daily links to Romania through I’ve been here over 13 years and thanks to you and your team I feel I’m informed as to what’s happening.

David Hadaller, Acting Dean of Academic Affairs, Bronx Community College, NY

I found your webpage that features news from expats living in Romania, and I enjoyed the shared info/stories, all of which were very entertaining. I was first in Romania as a Fulbright professor back in 1987-88 up at Cuza University in Iasi. In 1990, I married my wife Mirela in her home city of Constanta, and we later moved to the US, settling finally in New York, where we still live. I haven’t been back to Romania since 2008, but my sons get back every year to see their cousins and friends. Again, this is a great website!

Diana Vasiliu, representative of Allen Carr Easyway Romania

“My collaboration with Romania Insider has been beneficial on so many levels. To begin with, I was delighted to find there people who are completely client-oriented and ready to fit into the client’s needs and budget, no matter how restrictive that may be. It’s so important for a client to feel and know that there is someone at the other end of the line that understands them and tries to make things happen. Much like what we do, every day, in our work. I was also very happy to see that they take things to a higher level, presenting you, the client, with even more opportunities, that you hadn’t even considered. They guide you and answer all your requests. I was happy to find talented journalists, who cover stories from all possible angles, while at the same time, respecting you and your work. I can safely say that this is a collaboration that will not end soon and I take this opportunity to thank the people from Romania Insider for their support and hard work.”

Bjarne Virenfeldt, managing partner of Tecton International

Want to thank you for the “Romania Insider”; a wonderful messenger of news which I always am looking forward to receiving – “Romania Insider” is all that I need on an early morning while enjoying a cup of coffee and just trying to keep up with a world in turmoil. Keep up the good work, it is highly appreciated.