Survey ordered by the liberals shows the social democrats in the lead for parliamentary elections

A survey conducted by the Political Rating Agency at the request of the National Liberal Party (PNL) shows that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) is first in the Romanians’ preferences, by a consistent margin. The parliamentary elections in Romania will take place on December 11.

If parliamentary elections were organized next Sunday, PSD would get 38% of the votes while PNL would get 30%. The survey also confirms that the new anti-system party Save Romania Union (USR) would come third, with 9% of the votes. Some 5.5% of the respondents would likely vote for the Alliance of Democrats and Liberals (ALDE), and 5% would vote for the Magyar Democratic Union in Romania (UDMR).

Former President Traian Basescu Popular Movement Party (PMP) would only get 4% of the votes, insufficient to get to the Parliament as the minimum threshold is 5%. The nationalist Great Romania Party (PRM) and United Romania Party (PRU) would get 3%, respectively 1.5%.

Third-party survey in Romania shows social democrats in lead for elections

However, only 20% of the participants to the survey have a clear option and will for sure got to vote and 11% have a preference but still want to think about it. Meanwhile, over 61% of the respondents haven’t yet decided who to vote for and may change their options.

When asked who they would want as Prime Minister after the elections, 23% said they would like former Prime Minister Victor Ponta to return at the helm of the Government. However, a similar percentage (22%) would want current Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos to continue in this position.

Senate president Calin Popescu-Tariceanu comes next with a share of 6%, followed by former President Traian Basescu – 2.5%, Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea – 1.5%, and President Klaus Iohannis – 1.5%. Only 0.8% of the respondents said they would want PSD leader Liviu Dragnea as Prime Minister.

However, a third of the people surveyed, namely 33.6%, didn’t give an answer to this question.

The share of individuals who believe that a technocrat Government is a good solution for Romania is close to that of those who think that this is a bad idea for Romania – 44.5% vs. 43.5%. Also, 47.5% of respondents think that the next Government should be made of specialists from political parties and supported by parties, and 44% believe that it should be formed of professionals independent from political parties.

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Most Romanians (65%) think that Romania is heading in the wrong direction, and only 28% believe the opposite, the survey also showed.

However, 47% have confidence in President Klaus Iohannis, and 44.5% trust Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos. A total of 43% of respondents have confidence in former Prime Minister Victor Ponta, 42.5% trust Senate president Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, 41% – central bank governor Mugur Isarescu, and 40% – National Anticorruption Department head Laura Codruta Kovesi.

When it comes to the public institutions, most of Romanians trust the Army (91%). The Church, the European Union, and NATO come next with a share of 71% each, followed by the Police and the central bank BNR – 66% each, the National Anticorruption Department DNA – 63%, the City Hall – 61%, the press – 59.5%, the Presidency – 52.5%, the Government – 39%, IMF – 38%, the Parliament – 31.5%, and the political parties – 26%.

The survey was conducted between September 17 and September 24 on a sample of 1,170 people, at PNL’s order.

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Irina Popescu, [email protected]


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