Study: Almost nine in ten companies in Romania struggle to find valuable candidates

Finding the best candidates seems to be a difficult job in Romania. Almost nine in ten (86%) of the companies that participated in a recent study by online recruiting platform eJobs face an acute shortage of valuable candidates when recruiting.

One of the main reasons is the high competitiveness in the labor market, but two out of ten companies believe that access to specialized candidates is also hampered by the lack of a strong employer brand.

Almost 60% of the surveyed companies said that they had less than 50 candidates for every open position. Meanwhile, 25% see between 50 and 100 candidates, only 7% have up to 200 applicants for an open job, and 9% have over 250 candidates. The latter are mainly large and very large companies.

Some 77% of the surveyed companies believe that the offer of candidates in the overall market has declined over the last few years, with only 5% saying that it has remained the same or has gone slightly up.

Thus, the recruitment processes have become too long, according to 47% of the companies, as well as more difficult than two years ago (42%). The recruitment time for open positions ranges between 30 and 60 days for almost half of the respondents while 14% said they manage to hire somebody only after 90 days or more. One third of companies, especially the small and medium-sized ones, said that the recruitment process does not exceed 30 days, and only 5% of them manage to occupy a position in less than two weeks.

When starting the recruitment process, 93% of companies rely on online recruiting platforms, 67% on recommendations from the existing team, 40% on social networks, and 26% on direct applications on the company’s website. However, those who want to find valuable candidates also try to diversify their methods. Half of the companies participating in the eJobs survey are looking for potential employees in cities other than the ones where their operations are based, and 49% are also looking for candidates in other fields related to the open job. Moreover, about a quarter said that they are offering salaries over the market level, and 9% invest in programs to develop and consolidate an attractive employer brand.

The most difficult candidates to recruit are those for positions such as skilled workers (37%), IT specialists (26%), and sales specialists (26%). On the other hand, managers, accountants or finance-banking specialists are the categories that pose the smallest problems to recruiters.

The eJobs study was carried out in August-September 2017 on 180 companies. Most of the surveyed companies (60%) had less than 100 employees while 28% had between 100 and 500 employees.

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Irina Marica, [email protected]