What brands would Romanians buy/use if they had all the money in the world?

If money wasn’t a problem and Romanians made purchases only based on the quality criteria, most of them would use a Samsung mobile phone and drive an Audi. They would go to Adele’s concerts and buy tickets to see Romanian tennis star Simona Halep or Spanish football team Real Madrid in action.

These are the conclusions of the QUDAL – QUality meDAL research conducted in Romania by Swiss organization ICERTIAS – International Certification Association GmbH, in January this year. The results of the 2016 study reveal some significant changes compared to the first such research conducted in Romania in 2014. Back then, most Romanians preferred Apple notebooks, U2 rock band, and Argentinian footballer Messi.

This year, Romanians voted Coca-Cola as the company that best reflects quality of all the companies that sell their products and services in Romania. Most Romanians also think that Coca-Cola is the best soft drink.

When asked which is the best-quality international sports club (regardless of the sport), most Romanians answered Real Madrid. The best sports club in Romania is also a football club, namely FC Steaua Bucuresti. Moreover, most Romanians see local tennis star Simona Halep as the best-quality athlete in the world.

Holograf is the winner in the best-quality Romanian band category, and Adele was voted the best singer in the world. In 2014, Lady Gaga was the Romanians’ favorite.

Most Romanians think that Samsung offers the best-quality mobile phones and that Audi provides the best cars.

They voted local brand Borsec as the brand to buy when it comes to sparkling water, LaDorna for the best milk, Danone for best yoghurt, Kandia – the best chocolate, Jacobs – instant coffee, Lay’s – best chips, Fares – best tea, Red Bull – best energy drinks, Nivea – best shampoo, Colgate – best toothpaste, and Nike – best sport goods. Bosch was the winner in the appliances category.

When it comes to services, most Romanians think that OMV has the best gas stations, Catena is best pharmacy network, and Orange offers the best mobile services. They also see eMAG as the best online store, Tarom as the best airline, and Raiffeisen as the top-quality bank.

ICERTIAS got the answers from consumers via a web questionnaire, according to the DEEPMA (Deep Mind Awareness) method. “During testing, the DEEPMA scheme enables the avoidance of the most popular, or so-called Top of Mind brands, so that during market research those surveyed provide answers that refer to the experienced quality of the very product or service in question, rather than the reputation,” according to the research company.

However, the study didn’t mention how many people have been surveyed as part of this research.

Irina Popescu, [email protected]