Study: Two-thirds of Romanian employees work overtime

Close to two-thirds (65%) of Romanian employees work overtime, according to a study made for Epson Europe in 14 EMEA countries.

Romanian employees do an average 6.2 hours of overtime each week, but most respondents are generally happy with their work place and with their work-spare time balance. The long hours are usually determined by the pressure of work related tasks and optional extra activities.

Some 39% of Romanians employees who participated in this survey admit that they aren’t able to finish their work tasks in time and 42% say that meetings, reporting and management interfere with their main activities.

The study reveals, however, that employees are more productive during overtime, when they catch up with reading their emails (39%), reviewing finished or future tasks (41%), and reading materials that help them improve their professional skills (38%). Some 37% of the respondents also say that they talk to colleagues and socialize during working hours, which is why they have to do overtime to finish their tasks.

Almost nine in ten (87%) of the questioned employees are OK with socializing at work.

The survey was made on a sample of 100 employees between 18 and 60. Most of them work in the private sector, in companies in Bucharest and have middle-management positions.

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