Hot air balloons festival starts in eastern Romania

Magia Baloanelor (The Magic of Balloons), a festival dedicated to hot air balloons, takes place between May 19 and May 21 in eastern Romania’s Ion Neculce commune, in Iasi county.

The public attending the event will have the opportunity to see some 10 hot air balloons launching each day of the festival, interact with the pilots and the crews and see the balloon up and close.

The mass take offs are scheduled between 6:45 and 18:30 of every day, but are dependent on the weather.

Various activities for children and workshops, ranging from face painting to drawing with colored sand, archery and climbing are all scheduled as part of the event. Visitors will also be able to purchase a variety of hand-crafted products, including jewelry and decorations.

Music concerts are also part of the program, with several chill, trip hop, funcky house, disco, roots, reggae and dub sessions scheduled.

Entrance to the festival and the parking is free of charge. A fee needs to be paid for most the activities in the festival. The registrations for hot air balloon flights are closed at the moment.

More info about the festival can be found here.

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