Bucharest subway operator sees EUR 1 million advertising revenues in 2016

Metrorex, the Bucharest subway operator, made RON 4.8 million (approximately EUR 1.07 million) from renting its advertising spaces last year, according to an analysis by Mediafax.

Metrorex received RON 1.96 million (EUR 435,555) from advertising in its subway trains, and RON 2.86 million (EUR 635,555) from advertising in its subway stations.

The sums generated by advertising activities went up in 2016, compared to 2015, the company told Mediafax. In 2015, Metrorex cashed in RON 1.56 million (EUR 346,670) from advertising in its subway trains, and RON 2.46 million (EUR 546,670) from advertising in in subway stations.

The companies that advertise in the subway network come from the FMCG industry, appliances, banking, retail or film industries. They include Heidi, Asus, Hornbach, Intimissimi, Decathlon, CEC Bank, Decât o Revistă (DoR) magazine, Masaya clinic and Himalaya.

Metrorex also cashed in RON 736,232 (EUR 163,607) worth of rents from retailers located on its premises, down from RON 810,227 (EUR 180,050) in 2015.

Over 600,000 people use the subway in Bucharest every day. The metro runs at full capacity during rush hours.

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