Archaeologists find 5000-year old tomb in Romania’s Prahova county

ancient tomb

Romanian archaeologists from the Prahova County Museum of History discovered a 5000-year old tomb on Tuesday, on a field outside Ploiesti. The discovery was made in an area where a new residential project should be developed, reports local Mediafax.

The archaeologists found the main tomb of a tumulus that apparently belonged to an important person from a group of Nomads. The skeleton was found wearing a necklace made of copper and kaolin, with a “glasses” pendant. According to the archaeologists, such discoveries are rare.

“You don’t make such a discovery every day. It is the third such necklace found in Prahova county. They are extremely rare in the rest of Romania, especially in tombs that are over 5000 years old. There are some other items, but more recent,” said Alin Franculeasa, archaeologist at the Prahova County Museum of History.

Two other tombs were discovered in the same area.

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Irina Popescu, [email protected]


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