Two new bookstores open in downtown Bucharest

The Humanitas and Nemira publishing houses each opened new locations on the Magheru and Nicolae Balcescu boulevards, linking the University Square to the Romana Square. Two buildings of the Bucharest University are located nearby: the one of the Foreign Languages Faculty and the one accommodating the Mathematics, History, Geography and Letters faculties.

Nemira already had a bookstore on the same boulevard but reopened in a new, larger location. Humanitas added a new location to its portfolio of retail outlets, after its last opening in 2012 of the Humanitas Cismigiu bookstore. The Humanitas bookstores also retail a selection of foreign language books, in addition to Romanian-language titles.

The Humanitas Magheru bookstore is located at 36 Nicolae Balcescu boulevard, while the Nemira bookstore can be found at 8-10 Magheru boulevard.

The first bookstore opened by the Carturesti chain, Carturesti Verona, is also located on Magheru boulevard.

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(Photo source: Humanitas Magheru/ Nemira Magheru Facebook Pages)


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