Lee Wilkins joins Vodafone to increase online services

Online entrepreneur Lee Wilkins is the new senior manager of online and internet services with Vodafone Romania. Lee Wilkins, whose most recent investments were in cevee.com and mykinda.com websites, has also been a principal with Wilks, a digital marketing agency based in Bucharest, for the last 10 years. He has recently sold ceevee.com to Lateral Romania. “I have been in Romania for 4 years now. I launched MyKinda here and it failed. I also setup a Digital Marketing Agency here at the same time. I have worked with some great clients made money, lost money, wasted money, made money, lost more,” writes Wilkins. “Unfortunately, having an agency in Romania at present relies on one key factor. That factor is cost. The cheaper you are the more likely you are to retain the business. Along with everyone claiming to be a guru and an expert made it difficult for my agency to excel and grow. Romania is a different market. Completely, “ he goes on.