Cheeky Romanian ad campaign answers UK immigration fears by inviting Brits to Romania

Romanian online newspaper Gandul has come up with an interesting response to fears over Romanian immigration the UK. The paper is running a series of adverts encouraging Brits to visit, with the cheeky caption “We may not like Britain, but you’ll love Romania.”

One of them features a reference to what the presenters of popular UK motoring program Top Gear said about Romania’s Transfagarasan Highway. They described the breathtaking mountain route as “the best road in the world,” after taking three sports cars to Romania to investigate claims that the highway, built on the orders of former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, was a great driving road.

Another ad celebrates the good looks of Romanian women, and makes a connection to Princess Kate, while a third one reminds that Prince Charles has bought houses in Romania, and that here,  “Harry has never been photographed naked.”

The Gandul ads for Romania come after reports in the British media that a negative advertising campaign could be run to discourage Romanians and Bulgarians from immigrating. The reports suggested that the marketing scheme would highlighting negative aspects of the UK; a sharp contrast to the pre-London Olympics campaign and, according to some commentators, a tactic that could scare off potential investors.

Watch the Top Gear team driving on the Transfagarasan Highway below.

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