Bucharest’s Cantacuzino Palace to be restored under EUR 9.8 mln project

Romania’s Government has approved the consolidation, restoration, and arrangement of the Catacuzino Palace in Bucharest, which hosts the George Enescu Memorial House.

The approved investment amounts to some RON 45 million (EUR 9.8 million), including VAT, according to a statement from the Ministry of Culture. The work is to take 24 months and will start once the execution contract is signed.

The funding will be covered with money from a loan granted by the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB), and from the state budget.

The Cantacuzino Palace building will undergo a long process of research and analysis, review, restoration and recovery of all components and architectural details, from the base of the building to the doors and windows’ carpentry of wood or metal, floors, and roof.

“The work performed in the ‘90s (architecture, structure, installations) failed to eliminate all the buildings’ and premises’ deficiencies. Thus, the work of artistic components remained totally unresolved,” reads the statement.

“Through the proposed measures, it is intended that this monument of notoriety, unique in Europe, is given back the cultural and urban life to host major socio-cultural activities.”

The Cantacuzino Palace was built between 1898-1900, based on the project of architect I.D. Berindey, together with a series of remarkable collaborators such as G.D. Mirea, Costin Petrescu, Arthur Verona, and Nicolae Isidor Vermont for the monumental paintings, Frederick Stork and Emil Wilhelm Becker for the sculptures, and the Krieger House in Paris for interior decoration, tapestries, chandeliers, lamps, and stained glass.

Famous medieval castle in Romania may be restored with EU funds

Irina Popescu, [email protected]


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