Romanian cellist falls from first floor window during police searches

Romanian cellist Adrian Naidin has gone through some scary moments on Wednesday morning. He was admitted to the Elias Hospital in Bucharest after falling from the first-floor window during police searches.

In a Facebook post, Naidin announced his fans that he would have to postpone the concert scheduled for October 10 because of this incident.

“I am in the hospital because of police incompetence. This morning, a masked intervention patrol of the police raided one of my neighbors. Unfortunately, the police officers got the wrong door and thought that my apartment’s door gives them access to a haven for drug addicts, so they broke it and entered my place,” the cellist recalls.

“Being woken up and in shock, because I thought some bandits broke into my house, I tried to get away, but I fell from the window. I was taken to the Elias hospital where a team of doctors is currently taking care of my fractures.”

However, according to the police, the intervention squad didn’t get the wrong address. The investigators found a cannabis culture, some 500 grams of cannabis and 5 grams of cocaine at the primary suspect’s home, according to a press release of the Romanian Police. However, they didn’t mention who the suspect was but it seems that it was not Naidin.

“We mention that, during the operation, a person who was in another room located on the first floor of the building the police searched under a warrant issued by the court, jumped out the window,” reads the statement.

According to police sources quoted by, Adrian Naidin told the investigators that he didn’t know anything about the drugs in the house, as he was only a tenant in the house.

Art in Bucharest: Adrian Naidin – a man and his cello

Irina Popescu, [email protected]


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