photoPrince Charles tries traditional Romanian dance during Bucharest Village Museum visit

During the second day of his three-day visit to Romania, Prince Charles danced the traditional Romanian dance hora in front of the Dragomireşti church at the Dimitrie Gusti Village Museum in Bucharest. The British royal is on an official visit to Romania until Friday, the second one he is making to the country since 1989.

The hora is a group dance, where dancers hold hands to form a circle or half-circle and take various synchronized steps. The particular hora the prince joined is called Hora mare din Căluş.

The prince was welcomed at the museum with the traditional bread and salt, which he recognized as being different from the bread he saw while visiting the country on other occasions.

During his visit at the museum, the Prince of Wales made a stop at a Tatar house on the Minorities Alley of the museum’s New Village section. He then visited the Dragomireşti church where traditional, folk music singer Gelu Voicu, the group Taraful din Teleorman, and dancers of the Bornaşul din Alexandria ensemble performed the Căluş dance.

The Căluş ritual dance is part of UNESCO’s intangible heritage since 2008. It is performed in the Olt region of southern Romania, and also formed part of the cultural heritage of the Vlachs of Bulgaria and Serbia. Its name derives from the Căluş, the wooden part of the horse’s bridle.

The British royal also witnessed an egg painting demonstration, delivered by artisans from Bucovina, and watched how wood and stone icons are painted. At the Chiojda din Buzău house he admired the traditional carpets on display and was met by representatives of the Prince of Wales Foundation.

While visiting the Village Museum, the prince received a type of paddle (pagaie) from Romanian Olympic canoe racer Ivan Patzaichin and traditional, peasant shoes opinci, gifted by a local craftsman. The Prince of Wales also received acacia honey, and fruits and seeds honey from traditional producers. The museum gifted the prince several items, including a glass painting an a book on the Romanian region of Dobrogea.

Prince Charles at the Village Museum (Photo source: Agerpres)

After the Village Museum visit, Prince Charles went on to meet with Romanian Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu.

The two discussed the March 22 London attack, where two Romanians were injured. The PM expressed again a message of condolences and solidarity over the attack, while the prince expressed hope that the Romanian woman still hospitalized would recover soon.

The bilateral relations between Romania and the UK, especially the military and political ones, were another topic for discussion, as was the situation of the community of Romanians living in the UK.

At the same time, PM Grindeanu thanked Prince Charles for his contribution to promoting Romania’s cultural heritage.

Also today, the prince visited the Văcăreşti Nature Park also known as Bucharest’s Delta. Besides visiting the eco-system of the park, the prince met with volunteers and students of the Văcăreşti Nature Park Association and visited a photo exhibition presenting the similarities between the Danube Delta and the Văcăreşti Delta. To mark his visit, Prince Charles planted a white poplar.

Prince Charles at the Văcăreşti Nature Park (Photos by: Silviu MATEI, Grigore POPESCU Agerpres Foto)

The British royal also met on Thursday with the Princess Margareta and Prince Radu, the representatives of the Romanian Royal Family, and visited the Romanian Patriarchy.

The prince began his visit to Romania on Wednesday, March 29, when he attended a ceremony commemorating the Romanian soldiers who died in war. The prince brought a funeral wreath at the Monument of the Unknown Soldier in Bucharest’s Carol Park. The wreath was brought from the United Kingdom especially for the event. The round-shaped wreath includes several stylized poppies, a symbol of heroes fallen fighting for their country.

Prince Charles at the Monument of the Unknown Hero (Photo source: Agerpres)

Later the same day, president Klaus Iohannis decorated Prince Charles with the Star of Romania order.

The prince’s visit to Romania is the first in the European tour he is undertaking until April 6.

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