Blizzard closes national roads and sea ports in Romania

Winter has unexpectedly returned to Romania in the last two days causing traffic problems and power grid failures in several regions.

A strong blizzard hit Romania’s eastern region of Moldova in the last 24 hours.

Seven national roads in Moldova region were closed on Friday morning, after heavy snowfall and blizzard on Thursday and overnight, reports local The list included DN 15D, which connects the cities of Piatra Neamt and Roman as well as several roads in Vaslui county.

A segment of the A1 highway, which connects Bucharest to Pitesti was also closed this morning due to glazed frost. Romania’s Black Sea ports were also closed due to the strong wind.

Railway traffic on the line connecting Moldova to the capital Bucharest was also suspended during the night due to a system breakdown near Adjud. The problem was solved early in the morning and railway traffic was resumed. However, some other trains were registering delays on Friday morning.

Winter is back in Romania: Snow and strong wind cause power outages, affect road and air traffic

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