More young Romanians choose to study abroad


More than 6,000 young Romanians chose to study in other countries than Romania last year, which represents an annual increase of 20%, according to data from educational consulting company IntegralEdu, cited by local

The company said the UK remains the number one destination for studies, even after Brexit.

Ana Maria Papp, manager within the company, said that “the UK is expected to continue to provide support in the form of loans or scholarships,” while Scotland announced “that European students will benefit from free education for university degree studies in the academic year 2019-2020”.

“Brexit did not affect the number of Romanian candidates accepted last year for studies, and the IntegralEdu data shows the number of applicants increased by 12%, this being the number one destination for studies abroad,” Papp added.

IntegralEdu organizes this weekend, in Bucharest, an educational fair at which international universities come to present their offer.

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Irina Marica, [email protected]