Wind energy capacity nearly doubles in Romania in 2012, biggest increase in the region

There was a 94 percent increase in installed wind energy capacity in Romania last year. The 923 MW installed last year nearly doubled Romania’s total wind energy capacity to reach 1,905 MW by the end of 2012, according to TPA Horwath and Schoenherr şi Asociaţii’s Wind Energy and Other Renewable Energy Sources in Romania report.

The amount of new wind capacity installed last year in Romania was the fifth highest in Europe, as the generous green certificates scheme made investors keen to put money into Romanian wind. Romania led the region for new wind energy projects, behind only Germany (2415 MW), the UK (1897 MW), Italy (1973 MW) and Spain (1122 MW). The increase in capacity has outstripped the estimates of both the Romanian energy authority (ANRE) and those given in the National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP).

As for 2013, based on the wind projects planned or under development, the report suggests that some 617 MW of additional capacity will be installed this year, which will take wind energy’s slice of Romania’s total energy requirements pie to 8 percent.

The EU has set a target of 20 percent of total energy from renewable sources by 2020, however, the Romanian authorities have set their own higher 24 percent target for 2020.

There has been some disquiet in the renewable energy sector recently after the government announced a reduction in the green certificates incentive scheme. However, despite concerns over legislative stability, Romania remains an attractive spot for renewable energy investments, according to the report. Romania will remain highly attractive for global investment in renewable energy over the coming decade and this is proved by “the increasing scale of both direct and portfolio foreign investments in this sector.”

But the report also cautions that continued investment “will require further support for the sector and, above all, the development of a transparent regulatory system, which is a prerequisite from the investor’s point of view.” Transparent regulation will ease problems associated with connecting energy projects to the main electricity grid of Romania, according to Wind Energy and Other Renewable Energy Sources in Romania report.

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