What I love about Romania: The People

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Guest Writer Yvette Larsson continues her series of articles on what she loves about Romania.

The people make Romania what it is. Romania has been challenged throughout time, and people are enduring. Despite being an economically poor country in Europe, I believe Romania is rich in hospitality, kindness and generosity. If a Romanian has two apples, he will give me one. If he has one, he will give me half. If he has a half he will give me a quarter.

When there is scarcity of things, people seem to become more generous. This is my experience when traveling in Romania and being with Romanians.

Already at an early age, and having had a Romanian pen-friend since the age of 13, I realized the true essence of the Romanians, and this strong value of giving to others. I believe it is a true strength of the Romanians.

I was in Bucovina this week. We found our way to a small village museum, which happened to be the home of a family of three generations. There were the grandparents, the parents and the young son of 6 years old. They warmly invited us all into the house, our children were playing together, the son came with cookies and drinks for my children, the grandmother invited me to taste her sarmale (stuffed cabbage) and encouraged me to eat them slowly. The grandfather was showing us all the amazing wood work he had made himself or collected. On the walls hung colorful tapestry and icons. It was warm inside. Both from the stove and from their hearts.

Their kindness were pure and authentic. The man told me he was sorry, as he discovered that he was standing with his back in my direction. He meant it was disrespectful of him. What a lovely remark! I didn’t even think about it, but as he said it, I thought “ The world needs a bit more of that”. Respect. Gentleness. In Romania I find this.

Romanians in my eyes appreciate gentleness and manners. Romanians in my eyes have a strong cultural heritage. Romanians in my eyes know how to enjoy life together with friends and family.

Romanians have an endless array of values and ways of which to be proud. I invite everybody to come and visit Romania, to see with their own eyes, to experience and be amazed by Romanians.

By Yvette Larsson, Guest Writer

Yvette Larsson is Swedish, born 1972 in Gällivare, Lapland. Between the years 1991- 1998 she studied English, Swedish, Education, Media & Communication and Science Journalism at the University of Umeå.

The University studies followed by one year in Stockholm and 13 years abroad. First overseas move was to French Reunion Island, followed by Stavanger/Bergen:Norway, Cassis/ Aix-en-Provence: France, London: UK, and now Copenhagen: Denmark.

Her continuous education constitutes of numerous courses within the field of Sports and Health and she dedicated ten years to Sports Management. When the children came she trained to become a Coach and Leadership Trainer, passionate about making individuals and organisations the best they can be, and she had her own practice for four years.

She runs  the blog and a Facebook -page called The Bucharest Lounge, where she displays the beauty and meaning of  Romania , seen through the eyes of a Swede.

(photos by Yvette Larsson)


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