Media: Romania’s watchdog looking to change some audiovisual regulations

Romania’s National Audiovisual Council (CNA), the institution that regulates and supervises the local televisions and radios, has published a series of changes to the Audiovisual Regulation Code that it plans to implement. The changes are currently in public debate.

One of the proposed changes is that any report related to medical issues should include the opinion of a specialist, local reported. Another article provides that only the religious cults recognized by the state can be promoted on TV or radio. News pieces and debates on themes of interest concerning ethnic, religious and sexual minorities should also include a point of view from their side.

The audiovisual watchdog is also planning to ban the live broadcast of funerals, except for state funerals. CNA may also change the regulation related to gambling advertising, allowing TV stations to broadcast ads for betting services during live sports events during the day.