Vodafone Romania will launch fixed-mobile service packages

Vodafone Romania, the second-biggest mobile carrier on the local market, will launch fixed telecom services, said the company’s new CEO Murielle Lorilloux in her first meeting with the local media, reports Ziarul Financiar.

Vodafone’s main competitors Telekom, Orange and Digi Communications all have fixed-mobile service packages in their offers.

Lorilloux thinks that fixed services still offer a good opportunity for growth and says the company will analyze the option to share its network with other operators to be able to offer such services to its clients. Telekom and Orange have such a network sharing agreement that has allowed Orange to launch fixed-mobile service packages last year.

“The three priorities I will have are: big data, expanding the services to the fixed area, to be more relevant for families, and digitization,” Lorilloux told the Romanian media.

Vodafone Romania has close to 10 million clients and yearly revenues of some EUR 800 million.

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