Visa and residence permit application process

Getting your visa for Romania – either your entry visa in the country, if that applies, or your long-term visa, if you spend a longer time in the country, and going further to your work permit and residence permit may be a hassle-full experience to go through alone. You will need to find information on all sorts of websites – some of which in Romanian only – and fill in different types of application forms and requests. But everything gets easier when you have the information you need at hand and a set of forms and applications, all in one place. This is where an insider comes in handy. And we’ve done the research work for you.

Romania Business Insider has come up with a kit which includes all these piece of information. Print it out or just read it as a digital document and you’ll have the upper hand when it comes to dealing with the visa and residence permit process for Romania.

This 42-page document guides you through the process – from figuring out what sort of visa you need, the invitation process, the taxes and tariffs of applying for a visa , rules and penalties in case of the residence permit, to the official forms for visa application and residence application. On top of it, you get the list of contacts for all of Romania’s embassies and consulates abroad. You can get this visa and residence permit kit here.

Table of contents:

1- Types of visas for Romania; Do I need a visa?

2 – Countries whose citizens don’t need an entry visa for


3 – Countries whose citizens need an entry visa for Romania

4- How to get a visa for Romania if you need an invitation

5- Who is exempt from providing an invitation?

6- Getting the visa – airport transit, transit, short-stay

7- Getting the visa – short stay

8- Getting the visa – long stay – types of lonf term visas

13- Taxes and tariffs in Romania’s embassies and

consulates abroad

14- The residence permit in Romania for EU citizens

15 – Taxes for getting the residence permit in Romania;

rules & penalties

16 – Conditions for receiving the permanent residence

for non-EU citizens


Annex 1 – Invitation form

Annex 2 – List of all Romanian embassies and consulates


Annex 3 – Request for temporary residence/registration

certificate (EU citizens)

Annex 4 – Request for permanent residence (EU citizens)

Annex 5 – Request for permanent residence (non-EU citizens)

Annex 6 – Visa form ABC

Annex 7 – Visa form DS

Annex 8 – Visa form D